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Linear motor quick-change system

The ProMoChange® quick positioning system allows a significant reduction of non-productive times in the functional units and thus an increase of the system's productivity. The high dynamic of the linear direct drive motor used makes it possible to measure up to the dynamic of rotary transfer machines along with full flexibility. The repetition accuracy for positioning of workpiece carriers is better by Factor 5 at least in comparison with conventional lifting and positioning equipment for belt drive systems. With respect to the workpiece carrier no very high precision is required, instead of that a workpiece-related offset is provided in every functional unit for the fine positioning. The quick positioning system is compatible with the conventional belt drives and therefore selective retrofitting into existing machines is possible. Especially for small products to be assembled short cycles are often possible in the functional units, which is why an optimization of the non-productive time is even profitable in the range of less than one second. Typically, workpiece carrier sizes from 80mm to 360mm edge length are concerned. Even completely new applications requiring a fully functional positioning axis are possible with the quick positioning system.

ProMoChange® Components

  • Siemens 1FN linear motor
  • SINAMICS drive controller
  • Siemens Engineering Tool Starter
  • MTS Sensors position measuring system
  • Guiding system

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Technical data

Typical workpiece carrier weight: 2kg up to 10kg

Positioning accuracy: approx. ± 0.02 mm

Workpiece carrier changing time: <0.5s (workpiece carrier length 160mm)

Workpiece carrier travel time: <0.3s for 400 mm (workpiece carrier length 160mm)

Max. speed: 2.00 m/s

Max. acceleration: 30 m/s2

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