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Parts cleaning with an increased level of automation

30 years of worthwhile experience in automation

The automation specialists have a dominating influence on the optimization of production processes. Economically reasonable automation saves non-productive times, reduces the cycle times and ensures maximum cleanliness. Strama-MPS completes their know-how in mechanical engineering by many decades of experience in automation.

Freely programmable robot solutions

When the parts are transported to the cleaning machine on pallets, direct robot loading of the clamping fixtures and unloading at the end of the cleaning cycle is possible. Modular robot cells with separate control unit are easily integrable into the existing facilities. Since the carry-over of dirt particles into the machine is to be avoided by all means, separate grippers are to be provided for the uncleaned and cleaned parts.

Automation by means of robots

Specific handling systems

If, however, the parts are delivered as bulk material we elaborate a handling system that is exactly designed to the parts specifications. First the parts are separated, then positioned correctly and conveyed to the clamping fixture.

Separation with handling system and spiral conveyors

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